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    Improved collaboration is the direct way for teams to become more successful

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  • Employees today spend 50% more time on teamwork than they did two decades ago, and this figure is on the rise.


    This underlines why excellent collaboration is essential. Teams that master the art of working together reap rewards: customers are more satisfied, products improve in quality, and team members feel more engaged and content.


    But the path to perfect teamwork isn't always smooth.


    Our work with over 3,000 individuals across more than 300 teams show that 42% face substantial collaborative challenges. These issues can severely affect productivity, personal well-being, and the overall joy of work. Addressing these challenges is critical for the health and success of every team.

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  • Current approaches to enhance collaboration fall short

    Most organizations default to generic engagement surveys and occasional individual assessments to enhance teamwork.


    These methods lack targeted, actionable insights at the team level, leaving leaders ill-equipped to guide their teams toward improved health, collaboration, and high performance.

  • TeamDrivers introduces a new, AI-driven approach.


    Starting with a concise survey, it ignites conversations and turns team challenges into opportunities for development.


    An AI coach provides a personalized 5-minute video for each team member, guiding them to the most valuable discussions.


    Leaders receive a custom team presentation and simple instructions, enabling them to lead these conversations with minimal preparation.


    Should any questions arise, the AI coach is on standby to offer answers, leveraging insights from the team's feedback and grounded in the principles of Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team."

    AI empowers the team to improve collaboration

  • Proven outcomes with TeamDrivers

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    TeamDrivers has been validated in practice, not just theory.


    Teams that have implemented TeamDrivers report a remarkable 20 percentage point increase in their collaboration score in as little as three months.


    This substantial improvement underscores TeamDrivers’ effectiveness in transforming team
    collaboration for a more productive, engaged, and happier workplace.

  • The 6 TeamDrivers 

    The key drivers of a collaborative and high performing team. 


    Trust is gradually built when team members act towards each other with honesty, transparency and vulnerability.

    Healthy conflict

    Healthy conflict allow teams to be open and honest about personal opinions, as well as respectful of each other’s views and opinions.


    Commitment results in clear decision making and the ability to execute according to plans.


    Accountable teams keep each other honest and act in line with joint decisions, commitments, and expectations.

    Shared results

    Teams focused on shared results prioritize collective goals, with members setting aside individual agendas for the common good.


    Adaptive teams efficiently create and embrace new approaches thriving on change through experimentation, play and fun.

  • Team effectiveness varies greatly - even within divisions

    Most often, this comes as a surprise to the leader responsible across the teams. And often, it's even a surprise which teams are the high and the low performers.


    Troubled teams are aware of their issues but often don't know how to address them

    The good news is they just need a bit of help to open the discussion and start adjusting the bad habits.


    With TeamDrivers, a team can increase their collaboration score by an average of 20 percantage points within 3 months.

    TeamDrivers benchmark data

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    Examples from the TeamDrivers Toolkit: Here the chatbot, the feedback video featuring virtual coach, Delphi and the Leader Summary and Guide.


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